Project #3


Laminated glass panels were used to create the glass balustrades. This process gives the glass panel a high resistance to mechanical stress. This means that if one or more panes of glass in the composition break, the fragments created remain attached to the intermediate membranes, so that the glass pane retains its structural integrity, thus greatly reducing the risk of injury due to the fragments becoming detached.

At PSG, we prioritise the manufacture of superior products that exceed industry standards. Our laminated glazing not only provides exceptional mechanical strength, but also offers transparency and clarity, allowing for unobstructed views and a sense of spaciousness within the building.
In addition to its structural advantages, laminated glass also serves as an effective solution for noise reduction.

The unique composition of the glazing helps to minimise sound transmission, creating a peaceful living environment within the building. This feature is particularly valuable in urban environments where external noise pollution can be a major concern.

Finally, laminated glass offers protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, protecting occupants and interior furnishings from potential sun damage. The glass's built-in UV filtering properties provide an additional layer of defense against fading or deterioration of materials, ensuring that the condominium maintains its elegance and longevity over time.

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